Hi, my name is mitch

I help dropzones get more jumpers

Other dropzones in your area are stealing your customers. Even if you're managing your ad campaigns, are you confident you're doing everything you should be? It's super overwhelming to deal with the features and options in Adwords. And what if you're just throwing money away? You're getting clicks, but are those actually resulting in booked jumpers? It might be safe to say you are getting some bookings, but are you actually making a profit based on your ad spend (or even breaking even)? 


Now imagine that you

Know exactly how often you show up vs your competitors. You know what the key features of AdWords are and the impact they have to the success of your ads. You know how much ad budget you need to get the share of the market you want. You know exactly how many booking you are getting from your ads. You can confidently say that your are getting a return on your ad spend. Jumpers are coming to your dropzone and not your competitors.


The fix

You get an customized actionable hit list of optimizations in priority order of what will have the most impact to your dropzone. These optimizations can be implemented immediately to help you the jumpers you need. This hit list will be tailored specifically for your drop zone based on a full audit of your AdWords account. We will review this together to answer any questions you might have and you are off to the races!

I have genuinely appreciated how excited you are to take on new challenges and respond quickly with solutions and ideas when I present marketing problems I’d like help solving.
— Becky Johns, Chicagoland Skydiving Center

Ready to get more jumpers? Great!
Send me a message and we will get your audit started. The cost for an AdWords account audit is $250.


What if you are working with one of my competitors?

Good question - I'll never work with your competitors if we work together. On the flip side if I already have a client in your area, we can't work together and I'll tell you right away.

Will you need access to my AdWords account?

Yes. I will need to get access to your account in order to perform the audit. Once the audit is completed my access will be removed.

What if I don’t know how to implement the changes you suggest in the audit?

The changes I suggest will be straightforward and can be done in the AdWords website yourself.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to make the changes yourself then I am more than happy to discuss doing the changes for you as part of my ongoing AdWords campaign management service.

What if I just want you to manage my ad campaigns for me instead of doing the audit?

Of course! We will still need to have an initial discussion to make sure it is a good fit for us to work together. Go ahead and send me a message to let me know you are interested.

I don’t spend enough on AdWords or make enough profit with it to warrant an investment on an audit.

One of the things the audit highlights is areas of your ad campaigns that are not performing well or are showing ads to irrelevant searches. Just this once piece of the audit often pays for the audit by stopping these poorly performing campaigns. If you have a smaller budget that means your few dollars are that much more important, so you need to maximize the number of jumpers you are getting from AdWords. I’ve worked with clients spending as little as $300/month on AdWords that have still benefited from getting the audit.

What if my AdWords campaign is already in great shape and you don’t find any recommendations for me?

If I can’t find any improvements we could make to your AdWords account then you don’t have to pay me. Given the scope of the AdWords platform and the variety of options within it, there is almost always areas for improvement. If you have gotten this far through this web page chances are you have SOME concern around if you are doing things correctly with your ad campaigns. At worst you are paying a relatively small cost for the peace of mind that you are doing things correctly and that your ad campaigns are performing at their best.


Why Mitch at M27 Marketing?

I’m not a giant agency, when you work with me you aren't getting handed off to someone with less experience, you are working directly with the expert - me. I only work with one client per metro area, so you can rest easy knowing that there is a non-compete in place.  I’ve worked with dropzones who are just starting to experiment with ad campaigns, to firmly established dropzones with dedicated marketing teams. I’m also a certified Google Partner and work directly with Google to identify the best practices in AdWords for dropzones.


Ready to get more jumpers? Great! Send me a message and we will get your audit started. The cost for an AdWords account audit is $250.


You could be wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars by missing some key elements of your AdWords campaigns. Because I am a solo consultant my schedule is filling up quickly. You also need to reach out to me before I work with any of your competitors due to my non-compete policy. Send me a message today so you can make sure you get your audit in and start making critical changes to get more jumpers for the season!